Website and app development


Website and app development is our specialty. We always welcome new customers to our family of over 100 clients. Call 604-220-0601 anytime.

Website Design Standards

The technology with websites design is always changing and it is important your website design reflects these changes. Fern Web will update and keep your website to current standards including being mobile friendly and running an SSL certificate.

Contact us for website redevelopment or create a new design. We always take directions from our clients to give them what they want and need.

Types and Styles of Website design

Fern Web can help with website design to your exact specifications, giving direction and advice.

You can show us similar sites you like, send sketches or drawings, or we can work with your art or marketing department on larger projects.

The goal is to give you the website which YOU want. We give suggestions and ideas but YOU ultimately make the decisions.

WordPress or CMS sites

A customer-managed Site (CMS) is generally a WordPress, Joomla, or other similar platform. This allows the customer to do the updates.

In concert with the client, we will design, create and complete the site or perform website redevelopment and then hand it off.

 However, we will always be available to assist in updates or structural changes.


Unfortunately, things happen and if your site goes down, is hacked, or is a mess, we can help.

We can take over your site, fix up errors or help you in getting your site restored to working condition and perform complete redevelopment.

Call now to get your site back to what it should be. Call 604-220-0601

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From the smallest business to complex custom-designed projects Fern Web Design Services are always here for you, our customers.