Fern Web Design Services

We have been in the website development and hosting business since 1997.

Let us assist you with any of your website needs. Do you require a new website, need to update your old one? Our Vancouver based web development company also helps in adding SSL certificates, recovering or registering domain names and also specializes in search engine optimization.

Call or text 604-220-0601 or email darylf@fernweb.com.

Fern Web Design Services

Our sites range from the most complex you could think of to simple, one or two page sites which do the trick for the customer. We care about our customers like never before. You only talk to the boss, thats me, Daryl.

Call 604-941-6001 or email darylf@fernweb.com.

Personal message from Daryl Fernquist and my company Fern Web Design Services.

Unlike many of the companies you visit, here at Fern Web Design Services, you are talking to the creator, owner, manager and tech person. I have been providing web development services in Vancouver since 1997 and my emphasis is always on having a GREAT personal relationship with my clients.

Fern Web's technical expertise rivals any top company, however, I present the case that my customers are my number one priority. And I can prove it. Read the testimonial section. We have had customers continuously since 1997 and I have had a hand in every one.

While I have a great team behind me, I personally manage and oversee every website or update. So, you only talk and work with me, Daryl Fernquist. I love working with people, from those who know very little about websites/internet to in-house technical departments; and everyone in between. Have a look at some of our customers below and more on our clients page.

Call or text me anytime: days, weekends, holidays (yes even Christmas day) - 604-220-0601 or email darylf@fernweb.com.

We create responsive websites for you

Any websites we create at our Vancouver based website design firm are responsively configured and mobile friendly; giving your website the best view through smart phones, tablets and laptop/desktop computers. It will increase the amount of time visitors spend on your site and will definitely improve your rankings in search engines.

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  • Fern Web testimonials

    Fantastic, awesome, so helpful, love it...were words described for one of our newest developments for the Vernon Legion.

    Susan PR with the Vernon Legion - November 2018 Vernon Legion
  • Fern Web testimonials

    So helpful; went way over expectations with technical support; was there for us when needed; even when on vacation

    Christine - Aquilini Investments - October 2018 Live The Falls
  • Fern Web testimonials

    We have never worked with such a professional, accommodating company as Fern Web. Daryl is Aces in our book and we give him our highest recommendation.

    James Minchau - September 2018 Cyprus Avenue (a Van Morrison tribute band)
  • Fern Web testimonials

    Fern Web bailed us out, taking over the updating of our website. Daryl quickly did a massive update, adding sections and images and really brought the site up to what we are. Thank goodness for Fern Web as I don't know the first thing abouat web stuff.

    Erica F - July 2018 Beautiful You Laser Inc.
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Scalable on Devices.

Responsive websites

A responsive website will automatically resize, hide, shrink or enlarge itself to look good on all smart devices.

Today, more people view your website on a smart device (phone) than they do on a lap or desktop computer. Make sure your website is responsive or possibly lose customers. In this day and age your website must adhere to the most up-to-date configurations. If your site is not responsive you automatically receive negative results from search engines.

Smartly Coded & Maintained.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the ability to drive visitors (traffic) to your site by configuring your website so the major search engines give your company a priority ranking over others.

Easy to say, tough to do. Like other website companies we follow the requisite policies of Google and other major search engines to give our websites the best opportunities for great search rankings.

The website design services provided by our Vancouver based firm ensure the optimization of your website for better search rankings.

Warning don't enter this site.

SSL and your site

Did you know that some of the major browsers now give a warning to visitors that it isn't safe to enter your site if you don't have an SSL certificate? We can easily install one for your site if it is missing.

And if it is missing why didn't your web company tell you?


E-commerce typically refers to buying and selling goods and services online, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. Thats the simple part.

What you want to really know is how is Fern Web able to help choose the best platform for your company?

ecommerce platforms

These logos represent just some of the largest ecommerce companies and they all have different ways of selling products or services.

Click here to see how Fern Web can help you with these decisions


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