SSL Certificates

Why do I need an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate protects the information passed between your website and its server from hackers and identity thieves. Without an SSL, your website and business will be more vulnerable to attacks and malware.

What is SSL Certificate

An SSL authenticates a website and encrypts the information transferred between the website and its server. By encrypting this information, the SSL scrambles the data into a format that can only be read by authorised users. Essentially, an SSL certificate “locks” the information sent between your web browser and server so that it can only be read using a “key”. SSL encrypted websites have URLs that begin with HTTPS.

Why your website/app need SSL ?

An SSL is crucial. Customers will be more likely to use your services or frequent your site if they know you are protecting their information. If a customer arrives at your non secure website, their browser may warn that this website is not secure, which will encourage them to leave your website . An SSL is also required for ecommerce websites to accept credit card payments in accordance with Payment Card Industry standards.

What benefits do you get with an SSL Certificate?

Beginning in July 2018, Google and Firefox began marking your site as “not secure” if it doesn’t have an SSL certificate. Businesses will start to lose customers if that happens, as people will be scared away from the site.

  • Build Trust with Extended Authentication
  • Secure Payments to Experience Safe Shopping
  • Boost Ranking & Increase Brand Value
  • Strongest Encryption to Secure Information

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