Dynamic Forms

Dynamic forms and questionnaires.

Nine Mile Metals

Nine Mile Metals New development from existing site Nine Mile Metals was redesigned from existing site and set it to new domain name. This company was formerly Stevens Gold and was rebranded as Nine Mile Metals. Fern Web was commissioned to redevelop the site for their new marketing endeavor.  We also created an auto signup […]

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Dynamic scheduling system

Scheduling system for sporting leagues The system we designed is a team-to-team dynamic and affirming system The Scheduling System can be easily expanded to hundreds of teams and across all sports and leagues. We designed this complex dynamic system for one of our sport leagues. With over 40 teams in the league and locations across

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Online dynamic evaluation forms

Online Dynamic Evaluation Forms PHP Based Dynamic Website These Online Dynamic Evaluation Forms were created to be used in real-time at the field, ballpark, rink, or wherever the event is taking place. Mobile-friendly and dynamic, the forms can be customized to your specifications. These evaluation forms were created to be used in real-time at the

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Coquitlam Sports Hall of Fame

Coquitlam Sports Hall of Fame

Coquitlam Sports Hall of Fame Dynamic forms and questionnaires The Coquitlam Sports Hall of Fame is an organization dedicated to honouring athletes from the local community. Fern Web consolidated all of their paperwork forms and made them electronic. There are dozens of complex forms for nominating athletes which we have made easy to input from

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