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We design what our CUSTOMERS want
Do you have a question about anything to do with websites: new design; updating current site; taking over hosting? Sometimes a quick phone call can clear things up. Might be the best 2 - 5 minutes you can spend; for me to answer your question(s). And it doesn't matter where you live, my sites are all over North America.

Call: 604-220-0601 to talk to me right now. - Daryl

Types and Styles of design

We can design a site to your exact specifications and also give insite on the pros and cons of your project.

You can show us similar sites you like, send sketches or drawings; or we can work with your art or marketing department on larger projects.

The goal is to give you the website which YOU want. We will give suggestions and thoughts but YOU ultimately make the decisions which you think are best.

All sites come with a free SSL certificate with the first year of website hosting.

Customized to your specifications

We love to custom-code our sites from the ground up. This gives us complete control of the look, style and colours. This way we can give you exactly what you want or require. All sites are designed to be mobile friendly (responsive design) and will show their best in all devices.

Customer Managed Design (CMS)

A Customer Manager Site (CMS) is generally what you use for WordPress, Joomla or other similar platforms. This allows the customer to do the updates at their discretion. In concert with the client, we will design, create and complete the site and then hand it off. However, we will always be available to assist in updates or structural changes.

Simple sites | Complex sites

A simple site is basically made up of text and images and is only a page or two or three. If you have the content ready we can have a site up for you in a day or two, if required.

A complex site comes in many, many forms and we have been involved in hundreds of complex websites for our clients. Whether you need a back end for your files and mangement for that system, password protected areas, forms, databases, extra hosting, DNS management, SSL Certificates and SEO, we can do that for you.

Then we can get into online payments and registrations, e-commerce and a whole lot more. If you need it, we can do it.!

If you would like to see some of the many stories of web design and some of the dynamics behind them please visit our clients page.

Taking over updating of another site

Many times a web company goes out of business or the web developer you use leaves the business and you can't update your site.

At Fern Web we have run into this many, many times and know exactly what to do to help you update your working site.

If you know your logins we can use that or we can get them for you, if you don't have them.

We can even try to recover a lost domain name, if that occurs.

Web Designs Stories

Fern Web logos and graphics
Fern Web logos and graphics
Fern Web logos and graphics
Fern Web logos and graphics