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  • Fern Web testimonials

    Fern Web totally redesigned our site, making it responsive, adding an SSL certificate and bringing it up to today's standards. Daryl worked diligently to make the site the way WE required it. He was fully able to do everything we wanted and his comments and suggestions were extremely helpful. And best of all he came in on budget!

    Trevor - March 2019 PRESIDENT - Food Executive Club of Vancouver
  • Fern Web testimonials

    Daryl dropped everything, as we needed a site up within a week. Fern Web was all in on getting this done for us and he did everything he could so we could be successful.

    Outstanding caring by Daryl. Thank you Fern Web.

    Kurt - March 2019 DIRECTOR - Critical CO2
  • Fern Web testimonials

    Fern Web is the BEST! They redeveloped our site, from the ground up, using hundreds of photos and so many pages.

    We couldn't be happier with Daryl and really rely on the site to generate income.

    Greg - February 2019 OWNER - Todd's Furniture Refinishing
  • Fern Web testimonials

    We had to leave our last host and get a brand new site designed and uploaded quickly, as our season was beginning. Daryl's experience really showed through as he retrieved our old domain name, moved it over and designed, created and implemented our new site. All to our specifications. Thank you Daryl!

    Michelle - February 2019 DIRECTOR - Prince George Minor Lacrosse
  • Fern Web testimonials

    I fortunately ran into Daryl in 2007. I was unhappy with my current website company and Daryl and Fern Web quickly took over the management of the domain and site and gave us a new look. The guy cares about his customers!

    Tim W - since 2007 OWNER - Quick Curb
  • Fern Web testimonials

    Daryl is always there for us, giving guidance and updates where needed. While we talk 2-3 a week, he gives our clients 24/7 service. We couldn't be happier with the way he cares about us.

    Rochelle - since 1999 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR - British Columbia Lacrosse Association
  • Fern Web testimonials

    Fantastic, awesome, so helpful, love it...were words described for one of our newest developments for the Vernon Legion.

    Susan - November 2018 PR Director - Vernon Legion
  • Fern Web testimonials

    So helpful; went way over expectations with technical support; was there for us when needed; even when on vacation

    Christine - October 2018 Live The Falls (Acquilini Investments)
  • Fern Web testimonials

    Daryl Fernquist, Fern Web Design Services, is responsible for managing the functionality of the JointHealthâ„¢ website and online communications.
    Daryl plays an important role in keeping online JointHealthâ„¢ programs and communications up-to date and accessible.

    Cheryl K. - every week since 2003 Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE)
  • Fern Web testimonials

    Hyde Creek had lost their website and domain and needed to get some online coverage. We thank Daryl and Fern Web for rescuing us and getting our Hyde Creek domain name back. They gave us the type of site we need, knowing he will be available to help us going forward.

    Steve W - July 2018 Hyde Creek Construction
  • Fern Web testimonials

    Fern Web bailed us out, taking over the updating of our website. Daryl quickly did a massive update, adding sections and images and really brought the site up to what we are. Thank goodness for Fern Web.

    Erica F - July 2018 Beautiful You Laser Inc.
  • Fern Web testimonials

    Daryl was the one we went to knowing the complexities of the site we needed developed. Back end scheduling, third party integration, something we could self manage. Developed in 2012 we only need to use Fern Web on rare occasions for some tweeking.

    Gerry V - 2006 to present Food Executives Club of Vancouver
  • Fern Web testimonials

    With Fern Web's ability to understand sports and statistics they were the one we used for our league lacrosse site in California. We had seen some of Fern Web's previous work and definitely made the right choice. We can manage all our own teams, scores, statistics and standings. It was a great solution from Fern Web.

    Brandon - 2012 and on Western Womens Lacrosse League
  • Fern Web testimonials

    We often need our site updated on a moments notice and Daryl is the one who jumps on our updates immediately. He has looked after our needs for 8 or 9 years now and we just love his passion for the job.

    Lorae B - every day since 2008 Golden Eagle Golf Club
  • Fern Web testimonials

    Daryl is going to be developing our new site and has already proved invaluable. With a small time frame he rescued our site from the old hoster and moved everything over to his server to get ready for the new redevelopment. We look forward to seeing the new site up in early August.

    James M - July 2018 Cyprus Avenue (a Van Morrison tribute band)
  • Fern Web testimonials

    Even though we are in New York and Daryl is in Vancouver, we have been with Fern Web for close to 15 years. He is the one who looks after the hosting and updating of the site. Fern Web couldn't be more helpful or there for us.

    Dave - 2001 up to today American Lacrosse League
These are some of the wonderful comments from our clients but I think it shows how much we care about our customers. They are why we are here. - Daryl