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SINCE 1997.
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2021 and onward
My focus is on helping small businesses who do not have the expertise or time to keep their websites up to date. As technology changes constantly it is tough to keep up. That is what I can do for you, keep your site up to date with a smart design.

Here is what I specialize in.
  • New developments
  • Redevelopments
  • Always mobile-friendly, responsive design
  • Hosting
  • SSL certificates
  • WordPress sites and repairs
  • Domain registration, setup and recovery
  • Mail Servers
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • I do it all...

I will look after your website as if it were my own. I love to help those who do not have the expertise or time to take care of their websites. Most small or medium-sized businesses do not have in-house staff to properly look after their websites. Thats where I come in. It is a great feeling helping those who need it. I can look after all aspects of your websites giving my customers continuous support. I don't leave them adrift, as I keep abreast of all new developments and updates for your sites.

January 2021
By reaching out, I am able to help multiple new clients whose websites were badly in need of updating. These older sites were not responsive on smart devices and/or did not have SSL certificates, which are now mandatory. These were all from finding and reaching out to those Companies whose sites hadn't been updated for years. This will be especially helpful to my new clients as many of THEIR competitor's sites had been udpated.


With responsive design your audience will always be able to engage seamlessly with your site on each of their devices, at any given time. Regardless of your industry or the products and services your company offers, user-experience on your website should be of the utmost importance.

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  • Fern Web testimonials

    Stevens Gold. We took over a WIX style site the customer wasn't happy with. We recreated it as a WordPress site, with very complex Newsletter / Contact signup features. It was further complicated with DNS issues and we worked with the company to move them. They can now manage all of these themselves.

    "Daryl really took over the show and ran with it. We only gave direction and he did everything else, including alerting us to issues we weren't aware of. Top notch job from Daryl, the second time I have used him.

    Kurt - January 2021 MANAGER - Stevens Gold
  • Fern Web testimonials

    Ken Watt Associates We converted an earlier version of this site into a new WordPress site. This gives the customer total access for updates although we are always here to help when they are too busy.

    "I am very computer illerate and Daryl was able to take what I wanted with simple phone calls and emails. He then created the site we wanted, as well as setting up our Twitter account.

    Ken - January 2021 OWNER - Ken Watt Associates
  • Fern Web testimonials

    Erica had real issues keeping her website updated. I was able to take the site over, move it to my server and give her the time to keep it current and up to date. I then redeveloped the site for her.

    She was "over the moon" with the new look and extremely happy with Fern Web! She was especially happy with the services page we created for her.

    Erica - October 2020 OWNER - Beautiful You Laser
  • Fern Web testimonials

    Daryl worked tirelessly to give me the site I needed. Even though we constantly changed our minds, he always delivered what we needed. A beautiful redesigned site, mobile-friendly and full of images and content with forms, and contact lists and services we required.

    It is a WordPress site so we can do our own updates, but he is always there for us if needed.

    Edwin - October 2020 OWNER - Maple Ridge Physiotherapy and Pain Clinic
  • Fern Web testimonials

    We had a call as a customer wanted to move their service from another platform and we were able to look, give a quote and move the site within a few days. The new WordPress site is identical to what was working on the other platform.

    We were very happy with Daryl's quick response and guidance in the move. Thanks Fern Web.

    Kurt - October 2020 MANAGER - Core Process Solution
  • Fern Web testimonials

    The project for Northern Plastic took a few months to finish. It was an extensive redesign making all their products online and available for their customers.

    We thank Daryl for the hard work and effort that went into making the site what we wanted. He really delivered!

    Ross and Deane - September 2020 OWNER / MANAGER - Northern Plastics
  • Fern Web testimonials

    Fern Web hosts and manages the website for The Falls Golf Club. This is part of the Camden (at the falls) housing development.

    Daryl is always there for us when we need to do updates and give access to the site developers. We rely on him a lot.

    Christine - September 2020 Marketing Administrator - The Falls (Aquilini Group)
  • Fern Web testimonials

    Daryl is always there for us, giving guidance and updates where needed. While we talk 2-3 a week, he gives our clients 24/7 service. We couldn't be happier with the way he cares about us.

    His knowledge is extensive in all aspects of web design and anything to do with it.

    Rochelle - since 1999 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR - British Columbia Lacrosse Association
  • Fern Web testimonials

    We had to leave our last host and get a brand new site designed and uploaded quickly, as our season was beginning. Daryl's experience really showed through as he retrieved our old domain name, moved it over and designed, created and implemented our new site. All to our specifications. Thank you Daryl!

    Michelle DIRECTOR - Prince George Minor Lacrosse
  • Fern Web testimonials

    Cyprus Avenue is a great band, bringing great raves and reviews. I was able to redevelop their site and give it a current look with SSL certificate and mobile ready.

    James FOUNDER - Cyprus Avenue band
  • Fern Web testimonials

    Fern Web totally redesigned our site, making it responsive, adding an SSL certificate and bringing it up to today's standards. Daryl worked diligently to make the site the way WE required it.

    He was fully able to do everything we wanted and his comments and suggestions were extremely helpful. And best of all he came in on budget!

    Trevor PRESIDENT - Food Executive Club of Vancouver
  • Fern Web testimonials

    Fern Web is the BEST! They redeveloped our site, from the ground up, using hundreds of photos and so many pages.

    We couldn't be happier with Daryl and really rely on the site to generate income.

    Greg OWNER - Todd's Furniture Refinishing
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Scalable on Devices.

Responsive websites

A responsive website will automatically resize, hide, shrink or enlarge itself to look good on all smart devices.

Today, more people view your website on a smart device (phone) than they do on a lap or desktop computer. Make sure your website is responsive or possibly lose customers. In this day and age your website must adhere to the most up-to-date configurations. If your site is not responsive you automatically receive negative results from search engines.

Smartly Coded & Maintained.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the ability to drive visitors (traffic) to your site by configuring your website so the major search engines give your company a priority ranking over others.

Easy to say, tough to do. Like other website companies we follow the requisite policies of Google and other major search engines to give our websites the best opportunities for great search rankings.

The website design services provided by our Vancouver based firm ensure the optimization of your website for better search rankings.

Warning don't enter this site.

SSL and your site

Did you know that some of the major browsers now give a warning to visitors that it isn't safe to enter your site if you don't have an SSL certificate? We can easily install one for your site if it is missing.

And if it is missing why didn't your web company tell you?


E-commerce typically refers to buying and selling goods and services online, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. Thats the simple part.

What you want to really know is how is Fern Web able to help choose the best platform for your company?

ecommerce platforms

These logos represent just some of the largest ecommerce companies and they all have different ways of selling products or services.

Click here to see how Fern Web can help you with these decisions.