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January 2021
Not withstanding COVID-19, we have been very busy, developing multiple, small and large business sites.

Some of the sites we are working on now:
  • a Vancouver-based bailiff company
  • an exploration company which acquires, explores and mines mineral resources
  • 2 e-commerce websites selling apparel and manufacturing products
  • a trucking company, specializing in large truck repairs
  • a company who makes products and supplies for the film industry
  • a paper products company specializing in products for the food industry
  • a customized scheduling process for a national organization in the United States
We also were able to help some clients who were in dire need of website/domain assistance. We dropped verything to get them out of a bad situation. Some critical situations we resolved lately:
  1. A provincially-based sporting group - their webmaster passed away suddenly and they lost all access to their website, domain name, mail server and billing. Fern Web was able to gain access to all areas and re-establish their username/passwords. We then distributed that information to the Executive. We accomplished this in 24 hours.
  2. Childrens Learning Centre - divesting themselves of one of their locations, they were unexpectedly forced to give up their website and all content to the new owners in 10 days. Fern Web quickly removed all their content and established a complete new site, with a new domain name, mail server and the like. We had the site up in two days and will continue to develop it.
  3. A Lower Mainland organization - was not happy with their existing site hosting and maintenance but with an oncoming deadline approaching didn't know what to do. Fern Web was able to create and develop a new site for them within 4 days which allowed them to continue their every day business.

Here are some interesting projects we have done for some of our many, many clients.