Adanac Sales Ltd.

Javascript image module / customized front end
Adanac Sales Ltd.

Project Info: live January 1, 2019

Fern Web worked with Mike and Kevin and Casey to give them a responsive-type site, complete with an SSL certificate and a special feature on their main page.

The main page shows a select group of manufacturer's products, highlighted for residential, commercial, industrial and distribution sections.

The images can be udpated regularly and allows their clients to keep a fresh look on what is popular.

We have managed the website for Adanac Sales since 1997.

  • Created: Fern Web Design Services
  • Maintained: Fern Web Design Services
  • Hosted: Fern Web Design Services
  • Status: live January 1, 2019
  • Skills: HTML5 / CSS3
  • Skills: Responsive / SSL certificate
  • Features: slick Javascript image module
  • Client: Adanac Sales Ltd.